Product Review: Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paint


This Week’s Product Review:

Need to Know:

52 shades 

Amount: .14oz (compare to Kat Von D .22oz/$20).

Price: $17

Swatches from lightest to darkest:

Marshmallow is described as a grey taupe with a muted rose pink.

Heart of Stone is described as a stone grey with a slight blue undertone.

Suite Raine is described as  a deep lilac.

Amazing Raine is described as a bold and vibrant pink with subtle purple undertones.

Vanity Raine is described as an orange based red.

Cherry Blossom is described as a blue based matte red.

Mary is described a metallic burgundy with a pink and purple undertone.

Roulette is described as a dark rouge with a purple undertone.

Tootsie is described as a dark chocolate with subtle cherry tones.

Raine Fever is described as a dark amethyst with a purple undertone.

Kiss Me is described as a true purple.

Speechless is a true teal.

Ivy is described as a hunter green.

Jade is a metallic green with hues of blue undertone.

Blue Dragon is described as a metallic blue.

*Note – This definitely has a purple tone to it as well.


I always judge a product based on how the company describes it. The matte liquid lip paints are said to dry matte and leave your lips vibrant for hours. Also, they are not supposed to budge unless an oil based product is used for removal. 

The vibrancy is accurate but it doesn’t stay for hours. It typically starts to peel away in 2-3 hours and if you reapply, it will causing unevenness and clumping.

I can forgive the lack of durability for the array of flattering colors they offer. Whether nude, bold or edgy, they have a little bit of everything. Not very many lines achieve that.