HTW: Grey Lips

Grey lips can be tricky especially because it can be so muted. It can easily turn your complexion pale and absorb the warmth from your overall look.

It can be intimidating to wear grey on your lips but it IS possible, if you are willing to play a little bit with which options work best for you.

1) Lipliner

Products used:

Lipstick: Melt’s Space Cake (favorite grey lipstick)

Lipliner: MAC’s Nightmoth

Lipgloss: MAC’s She-Zam Dazzleglass (LE)

A lipliner is a great tool to warm any color up to compliment your skin tone. I’ve done it on green lipstick too (that will be addressed on another post).

2) Start with a small amount

It’s what I say when it comes to playing in bright eyeshadows: Start with a little bit and once you are comfortable, make it gradually more bold by adding more color.




3) Save it for a night out


I wouldn’t go as far as Kesha but you get the idea. Pair with winged eyeliner for an edgy look, or like Chanel as the statement piece of the look and keep everything clean.